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Jeep is a famous automobile marque that is a part of Chrysler. The Jeep brand was founded in 1941 and the headquarters is located in Toledo, Ohio, United States. The Jeep is the Oldest and one of the most famous off-road and sport utility vehicles. The Jeep is a successful and a very famous brand that is used widely in different parts of the World. The Jeep was introduced and became successful mainly during the Second World War for its durability and off road features. The Jeep brand is known for their economic and powerful vehicles.

The Jeep was used widely during the War and was also used in the United States postal service during the twentieth century. The name, Jeep is considered to be derived from GP that stood for "Government Purposes" or "General Purpose". It is also believed that the vehicles are named after the famous character in Popeye cartoon, 'Eugene the Jeep'that 'could go anywhere. The first jeep model was called the Bantam BRC 40 and was used during the Second World War. The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most successful models.



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