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Honda Motor Company, Limited is a multinational corporation, engine manufacturer and vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Japan. Honda's official slogan is "The Power of Dreams". They never used this slogan to sell their products. Many of Honda's most remarkable advertising campaigns have been released for the UK market, and have not been broadcast in North America except on the internet. The company manufactures automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, scooters, robots, jets and jet engines, ATV, water craft, electrical generators, marine engines, lawn and garden equipment, and aeronautical and other mobile technologies. Honda's line of luxury cars is branded Acura in North America, Hondura in the Honduras and Hongda in China. They have ventured into mountain bikes. Honda is the 6th largest automobile manufacturer in the world as well as the largest engine-maker in the world, producing more than 14 million internal combustion engines each year. As of August 2008, Honda surpassed Chrysler as the 4th largest automobile manufacturer in the United States. Currently, Honda is the second largest manufacturer in Japan behind Toyota and ahead of Nissan.

Honda's Advertisement history: 2003 - Honda released its Cog advertisement in the UK and on the Internet. To make the advertisement, the engineers at Honda constructed a Rube Goldberg Machine made entirely out of car parts from the Honda Accord. To the despair of the engineers at Honda, all the parts were taken from two of six; hand assembled pre-production models of the Accord. The advertisement depicted a single cog which sets off a chain of events that ends with the Honda Accord moving. 2004 - Honda produced the Hate Something advert, which is still shown on British television. 2005,2006 - Impossible Dream advertisement was introduced. 2007 - For the last several years in the United States, during model close-out sales for the current year before the start of the new model year, Honda's advertising has featured an animated character known simply as Mr. Opportunity, voiced by Rob Paulsen. The casual looking man talks about various deals offered by Honda and ends with the phrase "I'm Mr. Opportunity, and I'm knockin'", followed by, "knocking" on the television screen or "thumping" the speaker at the end of radio advertisement. Also, commercials for Honda's international hatchback, the Jazz, are parodies of well known pop culture images such as Tetris and Thomas, The Tank Engine. 2008 - Honda released its latest advertisement - the Problem Playground. The advertisement outlines Honda's environmental responsibility, demonstrating a hybrid engine, more efficient solar panels and the FCX Clarity, a hydrogen powered car. The 90 second advert features large scale puzzles, involving Rubik's cubes, large shapes and a 3-dimensional puzzle.



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