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Used Volkswagen Parts

Volkswagen: Past and the present

Have you ever had the chance to see the 1936 Tatra Model T97? Well, the chances are you didn’t even hear about this obscure Czech Company that still builds heavy trucks till this very second. However if you have ever seen a classic Volkswagen Beetle then you have a pretty good idea of what it looked like because that was the design upon which Ferdinand Porsche built up his 1938 KDF-Wagen, which is the earliest version of the Beetle. The resemblance though was so much and alike that Tatra ended up filing a lawsuit against the Volkswagen in which the brand paid the equivalent of close to a million dollars in the year 1961.

The makes and models of Volkswagen

Since 1948, Volkswagen started entering the USA, the company has come up with several models, so many diverse ones in fact that it is difficult to believe that they are all made by the same company.

Whether you are the owner of one of the state-of-the-art front-wheel, front-engine drive models along with a 4-stroke water cool engine or classic air-cooled models from the 60’s, 70’s or even from 50’s then the chances are that you are winding up using a lot of used Volkswagen parts to keep the car going.

Not all the used car parts for Volkswagen are created equal and can vary a great deal in the terms of durability and quality. Beyond the Volkswagen OEM parts used for standard maintenance chores like tune-ups and oil changes, the Volkswagen parts that are typically known to wear out are the belts, alternator, distributor cap and starter. When you buy used Volkswagen parts to replace them then remember that it does not pay to scrimp because you should always get the best and the ones that you do not have to change before their standard use period.

QAP presents great news and ways for professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers

At Quality Auto Parts, you will find the help that you need to buy used Volkswagen parts as per your need, we ensure through our salvage yards saved auto parts there will be:

• Enhancement in the performance of your Volkswagen

• Extension of the life of the bought auto parts for vehicle’s repair and maintenance.

You can buy the Volkswagen used parts online from us as we also ensure that you get to buy what you want individually and not be pressurized to buy everything just to purchase one.

You can rely on our assurance for auto parts as before selling them we get the quality tests done.

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