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Lincoln is a brand of Ford Motor Company; founded in 1917 by Henry M. Leland and acquired by Ford in 1922. Lincoln has manufactured vehicles since the 1920. Leland named the brand after his long time hero Abraham Lincoln. In 1932, Lincoln introduced the V12 powered KB, the same year, Eugene T. "Bob" Gregorie, at the styling studio created by Edsel Ford, began designing what became the Continental, eventually the most important car made by Lincoln. It started as a one off project car for Edsel, who wanted a European style car unlike the boxier designs his father's company produced, to drive around on vacations in Florida. Lincoln had a long history of providing official state Limousines for the U.S. President. The first car specially built for Presidential use was the 1939 Lincoln V12 convertible called the "Sunshine Special" used by Franklin D. Roosevelt. It remained in use until 1950. A 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan called the "Bubble Top" was used by Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and once by Johnson. It was retired in 1965. Kennedy's car was a 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible, custom built by Hess and Eisenhart of Cincinnati, and known as the SS 100 X. The Secret Service had the car fitted with a 1962 grill for aesthetic reasons. It was in use from 1961 to 1977, after extensive alteration it became an armour plated sedan after Kennedy's assassination. A 1969 Lincoln was used by Nixon and a 1972 Lincoln used by Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush. A 1989 Lincoln was the last Presidential Lincoln as of 2004.

Lincoln Historical and Recent Models Lincoln is currently switching to a new naming system. Most Lincoln models were given a three letter name beginning with "MK" starting in 2007. The Navigator and Town Car name remain, but all other models are expected to use this convention by the end of the decade. Historical Models Lincoln L-series (1920-1930) Lincoln K-series (1931-1939) Lincoln-Zephyr (1936-1942), a car line priced between Ford and Lincoln Lincoln-Zephyr Continental (1940-1942, 1946-1948), later Lincoln Continental Lincoln Custom (1941-1942) Lincoln (no other name) (1946-1951) Lincoln Sport (1949-1951) Lincoln Cosmopolitan (1949-1954) Lincoln Lido (1950-1951) Lincoln Custom (1955) Lincoln Capri (1952-1959) Lincoln Premiere (1956-1960) Lincoln Versailles (1977-1980) Recent Models Lincoln Mark Series (1956-1998) Lincoln Continental (1961-2002) Lincoln Town Car (1981) Lincoln Navigator (1998) Lincoln LS (2000-2006) Lincoln Blackwood (2002) Lincoln Aviator (2003-2005) Lincoln Zephyr (2006) Lincoln Mark LT (2006-2008) Lincoln MKX (2007) Lincoln MKZ (2007) Lincoln MKS (2009) Lincoln MKT (2010)



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