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Isuzu is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company that was known for commercial vehicles and heavy trucks. The headquarters of Isuzu is located in Tokya, Japan. The Isuzu Moors Ltd. Was introduced in April, 1937 and is a successful automobile manufacturer. Isuzu is considered as the largest manufacturer of medium to heavy duty trucks in the World. Isuzu is also known for manufacturing diesel engines; in 2003 nearly 16 million diesel engines were manufactured.

The parts of the Isuzu vehicles are assembled at the plant in Fujisawa, Tochigi and Hokkaido, Japan. In 1973, Isuzu introduces the Gemini, which is co-produced with General Motors. The Isuzu Gemini is sold in parts of the United States as Buick's Opel by Isuzu. The Isuzu P'Up that was introduced in 1981 is the first model that was sold to the consumers as an Isuzu vehicle as the other models were sold as Chevrolet or Buick. The H Series is a heavy duty truck from Isuzu that was available only in the United States.



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