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The successes of Japanese and German small-cars in the United States lead to the Saturn being introduced in January 7, 1985. As a "different kind of car company", Saturn operated outside the GM superstructure, with its own manufacturing plant in Spring Hill, and a separate dealership network. Saturn now shares manufacturing and product designs with other GM brands such as Opel and Chevrolet Saturn also makes a fuel efficiency models and two models with best-in-class highway fuel economy. Saturn has the best fuel economy of any 8-passenger vehicle of its class. Saturn is known for rethinking everything.

The company offers two sub-lines of vehicles: "Red Line" Saturn's are performance-oriented, while "Green Line" cars are more environmentally friendly hybrids. The Vue and Ion Red Line models, launched in 2004, have been joined by Vue and AURA Green Lines for the 2007 model year and a Sky Red Line the same model year. Saturn's Green Line vehicles utilize mild hybrid technology. The 2009 Saturn models are the Sky roadster, the Aura sedan, the Astra hatchback, the Vue small crossover SUV and the Outlook full-size crossover SUV built off of the GM Lambda platform



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