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Pontiac is a brand of automobiles, produced by General Motors that is sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico since 1926. Pontiac is marketed as General Motors' "athletic" brand and specializes in mainstream performance vehicles. The beginning of Pontiac's second renaissance started with the vastly redesigned Firebird for the 1982 model year. The wedge shaped Firebird was the first major redesign of the venerable pony car since the early 1970s. It was an instant success and provided Pontiac with a foundation on which to build more performance oriented models over the next decade. The next step in Pontiac's growth came in the form of its first convertible in nine years. Seeing Chrysler's success with its K-Car-derived convertibles, GM decided it needed a competitor and quickly adapted the J-body cars, the 1984 Fiero. This was a major departure from anything Pontiac had produced in the past, a two-seat, mid-engined coupe, the Fiero was targeted straight at the same market that Semon Knudsen had been aiming for in the late 1950s: the young, affluent buyer who wanted sporting performance at a reasonable price. Pontiac in Motorsports Autohaus Motorsports, Stevenson Motorsports, and Banner Racing run Pontiac GXP.R race cars in the Rolex Sports Car Series. Pontiac also provides a 5.0L V8 for the Daytona Prototype class of the Rolex Sports Car Series. Rhys Millen drove a factory backed Pontiac GTO for three seasons of both the D1 Grand Prix and Formula D drifting series. The latest body style used in the IROC series was that of a Fourth Generation Pontiac Trans AM. Pontiac held a long presence in NASCAR's Winston Cup and Busch series for numerous years with its Grand Prix body style. Joe Huffaker built a race car using a Pontiac Fiero GT. It was driven by Bob Earl in 1985 and 1986 and won numerous races.

1996 - Pontiac began mining its historic past; this was the last year for the 6th generation Grand Prix. 1997 - the all new Grand Prix was introduced, which debuted with the Wide Track chassis making a return spearheaded by the "Wider is Better" advertising campaign. 1998 - The GTP trim level was added to the Grand Prix. It featured a supercharged 3.8L V-6 putting out 240 hp (180 kW) and 280 ftlbf (380 Nm) of torque. 1999 - Model year saw the replacement of the Trans Sport with the larger Montana minivan. 2000 - The first redesign of the Bonneville, since 1992. Based on the G-Body, the same as the Oldsmobile Aurora and Buick LeSabre, the car was more substantial feeling all around. 2003 - Announced that the Grand Prix would be in its last year of its generation, with an improved 7th generation on the way for 2004. 2004 - Re-introduction of the Pontiac GTO (based on the Holden Monaro from Australia) took place, effectively replacing the spot left by the TransAm. The GTO was also initially powered by the LS-1 V8. It had an independent rear suspension and a much improved interior. It was also heavier and looked boring by the standards of its market segment. 2006 - G6 introduced both a coupe and hardtop convertible variant to its lineup, mimicking a lineup similar to the BMW 3-Series. This also marked the year for the introduction of the Solstice roadster, which competes with the Mazda MX-5. 2007 - The introduction of the G5 coupe, which replaced the compact Sunfire. The car was first sold in Canada in 2005 as the Pursuit (renamed G5 Pursuit for 2006.5), and in Mexico as the G4, before Canadian and Mexican models were renamed simply G5 for 2007. 2008 - Pontiac received an additional shot of performance with the introduction of the G8 sports sedan, based on the Holden Commodore, and built in Australia on the same assembly line. 2008 also marks the end of the Grand Prix legacy. For the 2010 model year, Pontiac will introduce the G3 hatchback, which is a rebadged Chevrolet Aveo. This will be Pontiac's first subcompact since the 1993 LeMans. The hatchback was first sold in Canada for the 2009 model year as G3 Wave.



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