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Infiniti is the luxury car division of Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Infiniti sales officially started in November 8, 1989 in North America and its global operations include Mexico, the Middle East, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Switzerland, China & Ukraine. Infiniti global network includes more than 230 dealers in 15 countries now. Infiniti is an American car made and produced only in America and is never made outside of the USA. Its purpose is to create and sell premium vehicles in the United States that wouldn't fit in with Nissan's more mainstream image. Infiniti was created around the same time as Japanese rivals Toyota and Honda's luxury brands, Lexus and Acura respectively, in the U.S. The brand's sales was disappointing, one of the main reason is Infiniti's poorly received advertising at that time. The advertisement didn't show the actual cars, and many believe this omission did not do well for a company that was hoping to have buyers recognize its vehicles. Infiniti was consistently behind Lexus and Acura in sales, due to Nissan's struggling financial situation. The Q45 had retreated considerably from its focus, version of an executive sedan, having become a barely recognizable, ponderously-handling sedan that earned the nickname "The Japanese Lincoln." In 1999, Infiniti reintroduced the G20, a compact sporty sedan whose production was halted in 1997 and 1998. The G20 was marketed as a competitor to European luxury sport coupes such as the BMW 3-series but, with an underpowered four cylinder engine and compact size, it fell short.

Infiniti dedicated itself to developing a dynamic and powerful line-up of sporty luxury cars. Infiniti executives invited members of the motoring press to a meeting where they "swore never again to take their eyes off BMW." This effort began with a completely redesigned Q45 flagship for the 2002 model year. 2003 - The G35 turned sales around for Infiniti. A sports sedan far exceeding the capabilities of its Nissan Primera-based predecessor (the G20), the Nissan Skyline-based G35 became an instant hit, named Motor Trend Car of the Year. 2003 - The release of the sport-tuned FX35/45 crossover that same year piggybacked on the G35's success. The FX used the same components under the skin as the G35 sport coupe and was designed for American tastes. It combined sports-car handling and performance with station wagon-like versatility and all-weather capability. 2008 - Infiniti Europe was officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and began sales in many European markets. Four models are offered in Europe: the next generation of the Infiniti FX37 and Infiniti FX50 performance SUV, the Infiniti G37, the Infiniti G37 coupe, and the Infiniti EX37 crossover. 2010 - Future Vehicles - An all new M sedan is slated for release. The 2010 Infiniti M is expected to come in M37 (330 hp, 270 ftlbf, 3.7-liter V6 as seen on the 2008 Infiniti G37 coupe) and M50 (390 hp, 369 ftlbf, 5.0-liter V8 debuting on the new 2009 Infiniti FX crossover) variations. Release date: TBD. Models Current models Infiniti G37 (convertible, coupe, sedan, AWD coupe, AWD sedan) Infiniti M (M35/M35x and M45 variations) Infiniti EX35 (EX37 in Europe) Infiniti FX (FX35 and FX50 variations) Infiniti QX56



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