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Eagle was a marque of the Chrysler Corporation following the purchase of American Motors Corporation. The Eagle name was taken from the AMC Eagle, the last of American Motors' wholly U.S.-designed vehicles. The Jeep/Eagle division of Chrysler Corporation was formed after Chrysler's 1987 buyout of American Motors. The vehicles were marketed primarily by AMC dealers along with Jeep products. Unlike Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth branded automobiles, Eagles eschewed the Chrysler Corporation "pentastar" logo. Two of Eagle's first models, the Eagle Premier and the Eagle Medallion, were designed by AMC in cooperation with its former corporate partner Renault. The Eagle brand was phased out in stages. Eagle was sold on the same showrooms as Jeep, as Chrysler had organized themselves into three divisions: Dodge (by itself), Chrysler-Plymouth, and Jeep-Eagle. Chrysler had originally planned to redesign the Eagle Vision for 1999. Prototypes were even spotted wearing the Eagle logo, and Vision production continued into September 1997 to provide dealers with enough stock of the older car to carry them through to the new car's introduction. However, Chrysler executives decided to pull the plug on the Eagle brand just a few months later. The car they were working on went on to be marketed as the Chrysler 300M. 1993 - Chrysler launched the Jeep Grand Cherokee as a competitor for Ford's Explorer, and as a result, many buyers who went into the Jeep-Eagle showrooms were either interested in buying the Grand Cherokee, or got distracted from the Eagle cars by the more popular Jeep vehicles. Most of the long-established AMC/Jeep dealers considered the Eagle models to be less profitable than their Jeep business. American Motors had phased out domestic built passenger cars after 1983 and their dealer sales and service expertise was focused on the higher margin 4WD vehicles. 1996 - Chrysler discontinued the Mitsubishi Mirage-based Eagle Summit, having cancelled the nearly identical Dodge Colt, and Plymouth Colt models after the 1994 season. 1997 - The Eagle Vision was discontinued at the end of its design cycle, though the similar Dodge Intrepid and Chrysler Concorde were redesigned for 1998 and continued through 2004. 1998 - Only the Mitsubishi Eclipse-based Eagle Talon remained after which it, along with the Eagle brand itself, was discontinued.

Eagle vehicles 1. Eagle Wagon (1988 model-year only) The continuation of the AMC Eagle line, production ended December 14, 1987. 2. Eagle Medallion (1988 - 1989) Also called the Renault Medallion in 1987, this car was imported and was very similar to the Renault 21. 3. Eagle Premier (1988 - 1992) Designed by AMC, the Premier was also briefly called as the AMC Premier and Renault Premier in late 1987 and early 1988. It shared several parts with the Renault 25, and spawned a re-badge version named Dodge Monaco (19901992). 4. Eagle Vista (1988 - 1992) Two models were offered. The 3-door hatchback and 4-door sedan were re-badge Mitsubishi Mirages, and the station wagon (called as either an Eagle Vista, or a Dodge/Plymouth Colt Vista) was a re-badge Mitsubishi Chariot. Both were sold only in Canada. 5. Eagle Summit (1989 - 1996) A hatchback, coupe, and sedan models were available. The coupe and 1987-1991 sedans were re-badge Mitsubishi Mirages, while the wagon was a re-badge of Mitsubishi Expo LRV. The 1991-1996 Sedan was a re-badge Dodge/Plymouth Colt. 6. Eagle Talon (1990 - 1998) Similar to the Plymouth Laser and the Mitsubishi Eclipse, the Talon was Eagle's halo car and outsold its Plymouth cousin. 7. Eagle 2000GTX (1991 - 1992) A rebadged Mitsubishi Galant, sold only in Canada. 8. Eagle Vision (1993 - 1997)



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