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Automobile Manufacturing or AMC as it is mostly called has been for 33 years and has a reputation for practicality. The two most famous 1970 models of AMC, the Gremlin and Pacer, have become pop-culture symbols. American Motors was initially formed by the merge of Nash and Hudson in 1954, and ended with the merger of AMC into Chrysler in 1987. Most people, if they think of American Motors at all, remember it as a failure that couldn't compete effectively with the Big 3 and the imports. AMC ultimately couldn't cope with the double whammy of foreign competition and federal safety and environmental regulations, and it had to evolve yet again to survive.

The AMC was a short-lived British steam car manufactured in London in 1910. The Automobile Manufacturing Company billed the 10 hp vehicle. In its final years, AMC was primarily a manufacturer of non-AMC vehicles: cars designed by Renault, which bought a controlling interest in the company, and the Jeep line, acquired from Kaiser in 1970. Finally, Renault sold out to Chrysler in 1987.



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