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Alfa Romeo Automobiles is an Italian automaker that was founded on 24 June 1910 in Milan. Alfa Romeo was a part of the Fiat group since 1986. The company was originally known as A.L.F.A., which is an acronym for, Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili translated: Lombard Automobile Factory, Public Company. Alfa Romeo has been always involved with motor racing. In many prestigious races and motoring events such as the Targa Florio, Mille Miglia and Le Mansm Alfa Romeo won during the 1920s and 30s. Great success continued even with Formula 1, Prototypes, Touring and Fast Touring. Alfa Romeo has competed both as a constructor and an engine supplier, via works entries like, Alfa Corse, Autodelta and private entries. Today Alfa Romeo is active in different touring car series and the new Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione is designed to take part to Le Mans GT2 class in the future. Alfa Romeo became famous for its small cars and models specifically designed for the Italian police, "Panthers" and Carabinieri; among them the glorious "Giulia Super" or the 2600 Sprint GT, which acquired the expressive nickname of "Inseguimento" this car is wrongly supposed to be the one that the famous Roman police marshal and unrivalled driver Armandino Spadafora brought down on the Spanish Steps in 1960 while following some robbers, it was actually a black Ferrari 250 GT/E. Since then, Alfas remain the best choice of Carabinieri, and Autostrada police. Successively, the following Alfa Romeo - Berlinas have found favour for Italian Police and Government employment: Alfetta Nuovo Guiletta Alfa Romeo 75 Alfa Romeo 164 (Official Vehicles) Alfa Romeo 155 Alfa Romeo 156 Alfa Romeo 166 (Official Vehicles) Alfa Romeo 159 Since 1960s, the Italian Prime Minister has used Alfa Romeos and lately the new Maserati Quattroporte preferred government limousines. The 164 and 166 have found particular place in the last two decades. Alfa Romeo has always remained ahead of others in automotive technology and design. Throughout its history, Alfa Romeo has introduced features which were controversial at that time and were accepted by everyone later. Alfas have often used controversial and unorthodox styling, which often challenged assumptions. However, Alfa have also been responsible for some of the most beautiful Italian cars ever made, as well as some of the most influential. From the 1930s, Alfa was in the vanguard of design when it came to integrating aeronautical design and aerodynamics into motor vehicles the Berlina Aerodinamica Technica, the BAT cars, which has since been a design feature of Alfa to the present day. The following is a list of the most prominent technology introduced by Alfa Romeo, along with the models that introduced each one: DOHC Engine 1914 GP, 1920s 6C road cars Mechanical Variable Valve Timing Duetto/Spider All-wheel disc brakes 105 series Giulia Plastic radiator header tank 105 series Giulia Lowest Drag Coefficient in class 105 series Giulia 50:50 weight distribution Alfetta 2000 & GTV Standard Fit Alloy Wheels Alfetta 2000 & GTV Transaxle Alfetta 2000 & GTV Complete CAD design process Alfa Romeo 164 Electronic Variable Valve Timing Alfa Romeo 164 Robotised/Paddle control transmission Alfa Romeo 156 & 147 Selespeed Phaser Ignition System Alfa Romeo 156 , GT and Brera Before being bought by Fiat, Alfa Romeo always had a daring commercial policy, constantly experimenting with new solutions and using them in its series production, even at the risk of losing market share. It represented those makes of cars that permitted sporty driving on common roads, provided the driver was enthusiastic enough to appreciate their particular "sound". James Bond Alfas have featured on-screen in three James Bond films. Blue Polizia Alfettas are seen in For Your Eyes Only, haring up a snowy mountainside in one shot. One of the most prominent roles was when James Bond Roger Moore stole and then drove with great skill a smart silver GTV6 in 1983's Octopussy. In the scene is pursued by two Bavarian BMW 5-series police cars, who have no luck in catching up to the Alfa ! A pair of black Alfa Romeo 159s 3.2 Q4's appeared in the opening scenes of the latest 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace. They featured in the spectacular car chase with James Bond's Aston Martin DBS V12 around Lake Garda in Italy, to the delight of Alfisti. Noteworthy attention was paid to the sound of Alfa's, which have the characteristic 'Big V-6' sound on-screen. The same film also features a Carabineri Alfa 156. Rene Mathis also has an Alfa, a white 2600 GT coupe.

Design has always played a major role in the history of Alfa Romeo. There are many Alfa Romeo concept cars, often made by famous design houses and designers. The BAT series of concepts from the 1950s was a joint collaboration project with the Italian design house Bertone. Other famous Italian coachbuilders and design houses like Pininfarina, Bertone, Zagato and ItalDesign-Giugiaro have also played a great role in Alfa Romeo's history, and even today some of models are designed and constructed by these great names. Historic models Alfa Romeo Cars 1910 1910-1920 24 HP 1910-1911 12 HP 1911-1920 15 HP 1913-1922 40-60 HP 1920 1921-1922 20-30 HP 1920-1921 G1 1921-1921 G2 1922-1927 RL 1923-1925 RM 1927-1929 6C 1500 1929-1933 6C 1750 1930 1931-1934 8C 2300 1933-1933 6C 1900 1934-1937 6C 2300 1935-1939 8C 2900 1940 1938-1950 158 1939-1950 6C 2500 1950 1950-1958 1900 1951-1953 158/159 1951-1953 Matta 1954-1962 Giulietta 1958-1962 2000 1959-1964 Dauphine 1960 1962-1968 2600 1962-1976 Giulia Saloon 1963-1967 Giulia TZ 1963-1977 Giulia Sprint 1965-1967 Gran Sport Quattroruote 1965-1971 GTA 1966-1993 Giulia Spider 1967-1969 33 Stradale 1967-1977 1750/2000 Berlina 1970 1970-1977 Montreal 1972-1983 Alfasud 1972-1984 Alfetta saloon 1974-1987 Alfetta GT/GTV 1976-1989 Alfasud Sprint 1977-1985 Nuova Giulietta 1979-1986 Alfa 6 1980 1983-1994 33 1984-1987 Arna 1984-1987 90 1985-1992 75 1987-1998 164 1989-1993 SZ/RZ 1990 1992-1998 155 1994-2000 145 1994-2000 146 1995-2006 GTV/Spider 1997-2005 156 1998-2007 166 Alfa Romeo production between 1934 and 1939 - Industrial vehicles 1934 699 0 1935 91 211 1936 20 671 1937 270 851 1938 542 729 1939 372 562 Alfa Romeo production between 1998 and 2007 - Cars 1998 197,680 1999 208,336 2000 206,836 2001 213,638 2001 187,437 2002 187,437 2003 182,469 2004 162,179 2005 130,815 2006 157,794 2007 151,898



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