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Acura is the name of the luxury vehicle manufacturing part of the famous Japanese automaker, Honda Motor Company. Acura was introduced in 1986 as a branch of Honda. Acura has the headquarters at Tokyo, Japan. Acura was introduced initially in parts of the United States, Canada and Hong Kong. In 2004, almost after two decades after the introduction of Acura, this make was introduced in Mexico and was introduced in parts of China in 2006. Honda plans to introduce Acura to the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) in 2010.

Acura manufactured luxury models basically however; the Acura models also included mid size and luxury Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV), mid-size sedan, mid size sport sedan, compact sport sedan and also the compact sedan body styles. Acura models are still liked and used widely in different parts of the World. The main models from Acura that are used successfully include the MDX, RDX, RL, TL, TSX and the CSX. Some models from Acura were not very successful and had to be discontinued that include the EL, Integra, RSX, Legend, Vigor, CL, SLX and the NSX that was an exotic coupe.



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