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The Dodge Spirit is a mid size 5 or 6 passenger sedan introduced in January 1989 as a replacement for the similarly sized Dodge 600. The Spirit was Dodge's version of the Chrysler AA platform, a stretched variation of the Chrysler K platform. It was assembled in Newark, Delaware and Toluca, Mexico, and shared its basic design with the 1990 to 1994 Chrysler LeBaron sedan, the 1989 to 1995 Plymouth Acclaim, and the export only 1989 to 1995 Chrysler Saratoga. Some also regard the Spirit as the de facto replacement for the smaller Aries and the hatchback Lancer, though the Shadow, also new for 1989, is closer in size to the Aries and Lancer. 60,000 Dodge Spirits were sold in its first year, enough that Aries production was stopped mid-season. Spirit production ended on 1994 December 9, and the "cab-forward" Stratus was introduced as a replacement. The Spirit could seat six with an optional front split bench seat. It had a large trunk, a simple solid beam rear axle, and a MacPherson strut front suspension. The Spirit differed from the other A-bodies primarily in the grille and rear lamp styling, and in the exclusive availability of the sportier, higher-performing R/T version. While the Spirit is dimensionally comparable to its contemporaneous Ford Tempo, the platform was also compared with the Ford Taurus, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry by Consumer Reports which found the similar but upscale Chrysler LeBaron to be "adequate", but not up to the other three cars. Nevertheless, the Spirit sold reasonably well, mainly on the basis of price and value. Though maligned in their later years by critics, the Spirit did outsell the Stratus that replaced it.

The base engine for Spirit and Spirit LE models was a 2.5 L (「153 cu in) TBI 4-cylinder engine producing 100 hp (75 kW). Optional on all models except the Spirit R/T was a 141 hp (105 kW), 3.0 L (「183 cu in) L V6 made by Mitsubishi. Also available in 1989 through 1992!and standard equipment on the Spirit ES was a 150 hp (110 kW) turbocharged version of the 2.5 L engine. In 1993, 1994, and 1995, a flexible fuel Spirit was offered, powered by a 107 hp (80 kW) multipoint fuel injected version of the 2.5 L engine specially modified to run on fuel containing up to 85% methanol. The R/T version came with a powerful 2.2 L (「134 cu in) DOHC turbo III with cylinder head engineered and made by Lotus. This engine was rated at 224 hp (167 kW) and 217 lb,ft (294 N,m). Several five-speed manual transmissions were available with the naturally-aspirated and turbocharged 4-cylinder engines, but relatively few Spirits were equipped with manual transmissions. All the Spirit R/T's came with the A-568 heavy-duty 5-speed manual transmission. From 1989 to 1991, all V6 Spirits came with the electronic four-speed A604 overdrive automatic, which became optional equipment in 1992 and remained optional until 1995. The three-speed Torqueflite automatic was the most popular installation on 4-cylinder Spirits, and was also standard equipment with the V6 engine from 1992 through 1995. Although a 5-speed manual was offered with the V6 engine in the smaller Shadow, this combination was not offered in the Spirit.



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Spirit Abs control moduleSpirit Abs system (anti-lock)Spirit Ac compressorSpirit Ac compressor clutch
Spirit Ac condenserSpirit Ac evaporatorSpirit Ac evaporator housingSpirit Ac selector
Spirit Air bag control moduleSpirit Air cleaner boxSpirit Air flow meterSpirit Air injection pump
Spirit Air springSpirit AlternatorSpirit AntennaSpirit Automatic headlamp dimmer
Spirit Axle - frontSpirit Axle - rearSpirit Axle flangeSpirit Axle housing
Spirit Axle parts - misc.Spirit Axle shaftSpirit Back glassSpirit Backup lamp
Spirit Beam axleSpirit Bell housingSpirit Blower motorSpirit Body control module
Spirit Brain box (engine)Spirit Brain box (not engine)Spirit Brake master cylinderSpirit Brake proportioning valve
Spirit Bumper - frontSpirit Bumper - rearSpirit Bumper filler panelSpirit Bumper reinforcement - front
Spirit Bumper reinforcement - rearSpirit Camera/projectorSpirit CamshaftSpirit Car window lifter
Spirit Car window regulatorSpirit CarburetorSpirit Carrier assemblySpirit Carrier case
Spirit ClockSpirit Clock springSpirit Clutch discSpirit Clutch master cylinder
Spirit Clutch slave cylinderSpirit Coil - engineSpirit Coil springSpirit Column shift lever
Spirit Column shifterSpirit Column switchSpirit Communication moduleSpirit Computer (engine)
Spirit Computer (not engine)Spirit Condenser fanSpirit Connecting rodSpirit Control arm - lower (front)
Spirit Control arm - lower (rear)Spirit Control arm - upper (front)Spirit Control arm - upper (rear)Spirit Convertible top motor
Spirit Cooling fanSpirit CrankshaftSpirit Cruise speed regulatorSpirit Cruise switch
Spirit Cylinder blockSpirit Cylinder headSpirit Dc converter (inverter)Spirit Dash assembly
Spirit Dash panelSpirit DecklidSpirit Differential assemblySpirit Differential case
Spirit Differential flangeSpirit Differential parts - misc.Spirit Differential side gearsSpirit Distributor
Spirit Distributor coilSpirit Door assembly - frontSpirit Door assembly - rearSpirit Door electrical switch
Spirit Door glass - front (side)Spirit Door glass - rear (side)Spirit Door lock control moduleSpirit Door vent glass - front (side)
Spirit Door vent glass - rear (side)Spirit Door vent windor regulatorSpirit Door window motorSpirit Door window regulator - front
Spirit Door window regulator - rearSpirit Drive shaft - frontSpirit Drive shaft - rearSpirit Ecm/ecu (engine)
Spirit Ecm/ecu (not engine)Spirit Ecu (not engine)Spirit Egr maintenance reminderSpirit Electric door motor
Spirit Electrical switch (door)Spirit Electronic control module (engine)Spirit Electronic control module (not engine)Spirit Electronic parts - misc.
Spirit Engine assemblySpirit Engine coilSpirit Engine computerSpirit Engine control module
Spirit Engine oil coolerSpirit Exhaust assemblySpirit Exhaust manifoldSpirit Fan blade
Spirit Fan clutchSpirit FenderSpirit Filter/water separatorSpirit Flex plate
Spirit Floor shift assemblySpirit FlywheelSpirit Fog light stalkSpirit Front axle
Spirit Front axle i-beam (2wd)Spirit Front body panelSpirit Front bumperSpirit Front bumper reinforcement
Spirit Front clipSpirit Front door assemblySpirit Front door glass (side)Spirit Front door vent glass (side)
Spirit Front end assemblySpirit Front fenderSpirit Front side lampSpirit Front spoiler
Spirit Front transmission pumpSpirit Front window lifterSpirit Front wiper motorSpirit Fuel gauge
Spirit Fuel injection partsSpirit Fuel pumpSpirit Fuel pump control moduleSpirit Fuel sending unit
Spirit Fuel vapor canisterSpirit Gps screenSpirit GeneratorSpirit Glove box
Spirit GrilleSpirit Harmonic balancerSpirit Head light assemblySpirit Head light door
Spirit Head light motorSpirit Head light switchSpirit Head light wiper motorSpirit Header panel
Spirit Headlamp washer motorSpirit Heater assemblySpirit Heater coreSpirit Heater housing
Spirit Heater or air conditioner parts - misc.Spirit High mounted stop lightSpirit HoodSpirit Hub brakes
Spirit Idler armSpirit Ignition switchSpirit Instrument clusterSpirit Intake manifold
Spirit IntercoolerSpirit Interior light control moduleSpirit K-frameSpirit Knee
Spirit Knuckle supportSpirit Leaf spring - frontSpirit Leaf spring - rearSpirit Loaded beam axle
Spirit Locking hubsSpirit Lower control arm - frontSpirit Lower control arm - rearSpirit Lug wrench
Spirit Moon roofSpirit Navigation control moduleSpirit Oil panSpirit Oil pump
Spirit Overdrive unit transmissionSpirit PistonSpirit Pitman armSpirit Power brake boosters
Spirit Power steering assemblySpirit Power steering pressure cylinderSpirit Power steering pumpSpirit Power steering reservoir
Spirit Power supply control moduleSpirit Power window motorSpirit Pressure plateSpirit Quarter extension
Spirit Quarter glassSpirit Quarter panelSpirit Quarter window regulator - rearSpirit Radiator
Spirit Radiator cooling fanSpirit Radiator core supportSpirit Radiator fanSpirit Radiator shroud
Spirit Radio/audio cowlSpirit Radius arm - frontSpirit Rear axleSpirit Rear body panel
Spirit Rear bumperSpirit Rear bumper reinforcementSpirit Rear clip assemblySpirit Rear door assembly
Spirit Rear door glass (side)Spirit Rear door vent glass (side)Spirit Rear fenderSpirit Rear independent suspension assembly
Spirit Rear lower control armSpirit Rear quarter panelSpirit Rear side lampSpirit Rear spoiler
Spirit Rear view mirrorSpirit Rear window washer motorSpirit Rear wiper motorSpirit Ring gear and pinion assembly
Spirit Rocker armSpirit Roof control moduleSpirit Roof glassSpirit Roof motor
Spirit Sam control moduleSpirit Seal belt motorSpirit Seat control moduleSpirit Seat motor
Spirit Seat track - frontSpirit Security system control moduleSpirit Shock absorberSpirit Side lamp (front)
Spirit Side lamp (rear)Spirit Side view mirrorSpirit Speedometer clusterSpirit Spindle knuckle - front
Spirit Spoiler - frontSpirit Spoiler - rearSpirit Spring hangerSpirit Stabilizer bar
Spirit Starter motorSpirit Starter solenoidSpirit Steering columnSpirit Steering gear - rack & pinion
Spirit Steering shaftSpirit Steering wheelSpirit Steering or suspension parts - misc.Spirit Strut
Spirit Stub axle - rearSpirit Sun roofSpirit Sunroof motorSpirit Supercharger
Spirit Suspension compressor/pumpSpirit Suspension control moduleSpirit Suspension crossmemberSpirit Suspension trailing arm
Spirit Suspension trunion armSpirit Tv info screenSpirit TachometerSpirit Tail finish panel
Spirit Tail gate hingeSpirit Tail gate moldingSpirit Tail gate windor regulatorSpirit Tail light
Spirit Tail panelSpirit TailgateSpirit Temperature control moduleSpirit Throttle body assembly
Spirit Tie rodSpirit Timing belt tensionSpirit Timing coverSpirit Torque converter
Spirit Torsion barSpirit Transfer caseSpirit Transfer case adapterSpirit Transfer case assembly
Spirit TransmissionSpirit Transmission control moduleSpirit Transmission crossmemberSpirit Transmission oil cooler
Spirit Transmission panSpirit Trunk lidSpirit Trunk lid moldingSpirit Trunk lid motor
Spirit TurbochargerSpirit Turn signal leverSpirit Universal slip yokeSpirit Upper control arm - front
Spirit Upper control arm - rearSpirit Vacuum pumpSpirit Valance - frontSpirit Valance - rear
Spirit Vent window regulator (door)Spirit Voltage regulatorSpirit Water pumpSpirit Wheel
Spirit Wheel bearing - frontSpirit Window lifter Spirit Window motorSpirit Window regulator
Spirit Window regulator (quarter) - rearSpirit Window regulator (tail gate)Spirit Window regulator - frontSpirit Window regulator - rear
Spirit Window regulator - vent glassSpirit Windshield washer motorSpirit Windshield wiper armSpirit Windshield wiper switch
Spirit Wiper motor (windshield)Spirit Wiper motor - frontSpirit Wiper motor - rearSpirit Wiper transmission