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The Acura CL is a mid-size luxury car that was manufactured by Honda's Acura. Acura CL was introduced as a two-door coupe in 1997. The Acura CL was the first Acura to be built in the United States. Acura CL was produced by Honda in two generations. The first generation is from 1997 to 1999, and the second generation was produced from 2001-2003. Acura CL was used by Honda to replace the Acura Legend coupe. In 1997 the Acura CL replaced the Coupe and used alphanumeric names for all its models.

The Acura CL cars produced from 1997 to 1999 fall under the first generation. The Acura CL used either a 3.0 Litre J30 V6 producing 200 hp (150 kW), or a 150 hp (112 kW) 2.2 Litre (F22B1) I4 engine. The 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder CL used a "Premium" trim level which offered leather upholstery with heated front seat parts. The Acura CL cars produced from 2001 to 2003 are part of the Second generation. The second generation of Acura CL cars used the 3.2 Litre SOHC VTEC J-series V6 engine.



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Cl Abs control moduleCl Abs system (anti-lock)Cl Ac compressorCl Ac compressor clutch
Cl Ac condenserCl Ac evaporatorCl Ac evaporator housingCl Ac selector
Cl Air bag control moduleCl Air cleaner boxCl Air flow meterCl Air injection pump
Cl Air springCl AlternatorCl AntennaCl Automatic headlamp dimmer
Cl Axle - frontCl Axle - rearCl Axle flangeCl Axle housing
Cl Axle parts - misc.Cl Axle shaftCl Back glassCl Backup lamp
Cl Beam axleCl Bell housingCl Blower motorCl Body control module
Cl Brain box (engine)Cl Brain box (not engine)Cl Brake master cylinderCl Brake proportioning valve
Cl Bumper - frontCl Bumper - rearCl Bumper filler panelCl Bumper reinforcement - front
Cl Bumper reinforcement - rearCl Camera/projectorCl CamshaftCl Car window lifter
Cl Car window regulatorCl CarburetorCl Carrier assemblyCl Carrier case
Cl ClockCl Clock springCl Clutch discCl Clutch master cylinder
Cl Clutch slave cylinderCl Coil - engineCl Coil springCl Column shift lever
Cl Column shifterCl Column switchCl Communication moduleCl Computer (engine)
Cl Computer (not engine)Cl Condenser fanCl Connecting rodCl Control arm - lower (front)
Cl Control arm - lower (rear)Cl Control arm - upper (front)Cl Control arm - upper (rear)Cl Convertible top motor
Cl Cooling fanCl CrankshaftCl Cruise speed regulatorCl Cruise switch
Cl Cylinder blockCl Cylinder headCl Dc converter (inverter)Cl Dash assembly
Cl Dash panelCl DecklidCl Differential assemblyCl Differential case
Cl Differential flangeCl Differential parts - misc.Cl Differential side gearsCl Distributor
Cl Distributor coilCl Door assembly - frontCl Door assembly - rearCl Door electrical switch
Cl Door glass - front (side)Cl Door glass - rear (side)Cl Door lock control moduleCl Door vent glass - front (side)
Cl Door vent glass - rear (side)Cl Door vent windor regulatorCl Door window motorCl Door window regulator - front
Cl Door window regulator - rearCl Drive shaft - frontCl Drive shaft - rearCl Ecm/ecu (engine)
Cl Ecm/ecu (not engine)Cl Ecu (not engine)Cl Egr maintenance reminderCl Electric door motor
Cl Electrical switch (door)Cl Electronic control module (engine)Cl Electronic control module (not engine)Cl Electronic parts - misc.
Cl Engine assemblyCl Engine coilCl Engine computerCl Engine control module
Cl Engine oil coolerCl Exhaust assemblyCl Exhaust manifoldCl Fan blade
Cl Fan clutchCl FenderCl Filter/water separatorCl Flex plate
Cl Floor shift assemblyCl FlywheelCl Fog light stalkCl Front axle
Cl Front axle i-beam (2wd)Cl Front body panelCl Front bumperCl Front bumper reinforcement
Cl Front clipCl Front door assemblyCl Front door glass (side)Cl Front door vent glass (side)
Cl Front end assemblyCl Front fenderCl Front side lampCl Front spoiler
Cl Front transmission pumpCl Front window lifterCl Front wiper motorCl Fuel gauge
Cl Fuel injection partsCl Fuel pumpCl Fuel pump control moduleCl Fuel sending unit
Cl Fuel vapor canisterCl Gps screenCl GeneratorCl Glove box
Cl GrilleCl Harmonic balancerCl Head light assemblyCl Head light door
Cl Head light motorCl Head light switchCl Head light wiper motorCl Header panel
Cl Headlamp washer motorCl Heater assemblyCl Heater coreCl Heater housing
Cl Heater or air conditioner parts - misc.Cl High mounted stop lightCl HoodCl Hub brakes
Cl Idler armCl Ignition switchCl Instrument clusterCl Intake manifold
Cl IntercoolerCl Interior light control moduleCl K-frameCl Knee
Cl Knuckle supportCl Leaf spring - frontCl Leaf spring - rearCl Loaded beam axle
Cl Locking hubsCl Lower control arm - frontCl Lower control arm - rearCl Lug wrench
Cl Moon roofCl Navigation control moduleCl Oil panCl Oil pump
Cl Overdrive unit transmissionCl PistonCl Pitman armCl Power brake boosters
Cl Power steering assemblyCl Power steering pressure cylinderCl Power steering pumpCl Power steering reservoir
Cl Power supply control moduleCl Power window motorCl Pressure plateCl Quarter extension
Cl Quarter glassCl Quarter panelCl Quarter window regulator - rearCl Radiator
Cl Radiator cooling fanCl Radiator core supportCl Radiator fanCl Radiator shroud
Cl Radio/audio cowlCl Radius arm - frontCl Rear axleCl Rear body panel
Cl Rear bumperCl Rear bumper reinforcementCl Rear clip assemblyCl Rear door assembly
Cl Rear door glass (side)Cl Rear door vent glass (side)Cl Rear fenderCl Rear independent suspension assembly
Cl Rear lower control armCl Rear quarter panelCl Rear side lampCl Rear spoiler
Cl Rear view mirrorCl Rear window washer motorCl Rear wiper motorCl Ring gear and pinion assembly
Cl Rocker armCl Roof control moduleCl Roof glassCl Roof motor
Cl Sam control moduleCl Seal belt motorCl Seat control moduleCl Seat motor
Cl Seat track - frontCl Security system control moduleCl Shock absorberCl Side lamp (front)
Cl Side lamp (rear)Cl Side view mirrorCl Speedometer clusterCl Spindle knuckle - front
Cl Spoiler - frontCl Spoiler - rearCl Spring hangerCl Stabilizer bar
Cl Starter motorCl Starter solenoidCl Steering columnCl Steering gear - rack & pinion
Cl Steering shaftCl Steering wheelCl Steering or suspension parts - misc.Cl Strut
Cl Stub axle - rearCl Sun roofCl Sunroof motorCl Supercharger
Cl Suspension compressor/pumpCl Suspension control moduleCl Suspension crossmemberCl Suspension trailing arm
Cl Suspension trunion armCl Tv info screenCl TachometerCl Tail finish panel
Cl Tail gate hingeCl Tail gate moldingCl Tail gate windor regulatorCl Tail light
Cl Tail panelCl TailgateCl Temperature control moduleCl Throttle body assembly
Cl Tie rodCl Timing belt tensionCl Timing coverCl Torque converter
Cl Torsion barCl Transfer caseCl Transfer case adapterCl Transfer case assembly
Cl TransmissionCl Transmission control moduleCl Transmission crossmemberCl Transmission oil cooler
Cl Transmission panCl Trunk lidCl Trunk lid moldingCl Trunk lid motor
Cl TurbochargerCl Turn signal leverCl Universal slip yokeCl Upper control arm - front
Cl Upper control arm - rearCl Vacuum pumpCl Valance - frontCl Valance - rear
Cl Vent window regulator (door)Cl Voltage regulatorCl Water pumpCl Wheel
Cl Wheel bearing - frontCl Window lifter Cl Window motorCl Window regulator
Cl Window regulator (quarter) - rearCl Window regulator (tail gate)Cl Window regulator - frontCl Window regulator - rear
Cl Window regulator - vent glassCl Windshield washer motorCl Windshield wiper armCl Windshield wiper switch
Cl Wiper motor (windshield)Cl Wiper motor - frontCl Wiper motor - rearCl Wiper transmission