Recreational Vehicles - Recipes for Car Crashes and Road Accidents

Recipes for Car Crashes and Road Accidents

When the term 'Car' came into existence, little did people know that it will give birth to a host of other terms like Car Crashes and Road Accidents. Even now, in this day and age of highly evolved automobiles that offer numerous safety features, the number of road accidents and the number of resulting fatalities are actually on the increase. If you are an avid follower of the daily news, whether on TV or through the print media, you would notice that hardly a day goes by when there is no news about someone being involved in a car crash. In fact, such news is so common now that we don't even treat it as news anymore and there usually is a dedicated section for such happenings in the morning paper and the news on TV. To make the case grim, there are minor accidents that don't even get reported. There will never be a clear cut reason for road accidents. Even a minor lapse in concentration on one's part can result in a car crash that might end up involving other vehicles and even pedestrians. You can do everything right while driving a car and still some irresponsible and reckless driver might bump his vehicle into yours. The worst thing is that even if you don't have a car, you might still end up being involved in a car accident. In this case, remember that road accidents can still be avoided by following some simple driving rules and keeping your eyes open and your mind alert whilst on the road. Let's take a look at some of the basic causes for road disasters. Reckless driving habits and Absent Mindedness is one of the chief contributors to this menace. Some people just do not care about anyone else on the road when they are at the steering wheel. Carelessness is definitely the cause for most driving mishaps. When you are driving a vehicle, you should only focus on the road and everything else around you should be secondary. While driving, talking on the mobile phone, fiddling with the car stereo and thinking about personal issues are the most likely causes for a lapse in concentration that may result in an accident. Then there is the menace of drunk driving and underage drivers. Alcohol, even if taken in lesser quantities, impairs sensory perceptions in humans. If your senses are not functioning properly, you can't even control your own self let alone a vehicle. Drunk drivers usually drive fast to experience thrills and that's when most accidents take place. Underage drivers don't have the sense of judgment of an adult and that is why there is an age limit for driving in the first place. Underage drivers without an accompanying guide or proper training also contribute immensely towards road accidents. Badly maintained vehicles that are not road-worthy are the ones that you will mostly find involved in accidents. Your car is a machine and if this machine is not maintained properly and looked after well, it can let you down where it matters the most, i.e. on the road. Brake failures, tire failures, clutch and steering problems are some of the basic part failures in cars that can be avoided by getting your vehicle serviced on time and by maintaining it properly. A little bit of care for your own vehicle can prevent you from being involved in a precarious situation on the road. An accident due to your ill-maintained vehicle is your own fault and by your negligence you are endangering your own life along with that of others on the road. There are lights in the exterior of your vehicle for a reason other than cosmetic appeal. They are there to allow you to see in low-light conditions and also allow others to see your vehicle in the process. There is an undeniable relationship between night-driving and accidents on the road. The obvious reason for that being decreased visibility. If you have faulty lights in your vehicle you might end up being involved in an accident. Make sure all lights in your vehicle are functioning properly to ensure a safe run on the streets in low visibility conditions. A bit of care and restraint while driving and sense of driving rules can go a long way in avoiding catastrophes on the road. Remember that a road mishap may not entirely be your fault but you could still find yourself involved in one. That is why it is imperative to spread the message of safe driving practices across to everyone. Let's make roads safer! James Rodham
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