Recreational Vehicles - Check This Before Going on a Long Drive

Check this before Going for a Long Drive

Don't we just love to get away from the daily chores once in a while? Who wouldn't want to occasionally leave the worldly troubles behind by switching off and diverting attention towards the finest things in life? Different people have different ways of cutting off from the routine life and enjoying a peaceful time away from the usual hustle and bustle. Some people like to spend a quiet time at home, some like to party and let their hair down while some like to engage in recreational activities and sports. Then there are some people like me who love to go on long drives and travel to different locations to get away from it all. I derive immense pleasure in withdrawing to remote locations and spending quality time away from the place where I live and work. The journey is usually soothing and the experience worth cherishing. But a long journey in your own vehicle can get really troublesome if you have left home unprepared. By that I mean if your vehicle is not up to the challenge of a long drive, you could end up being stranded and quite helpless in the middle of nowhere. So what preparation is needed before setting off for a long journey by road? For starters, make sure you are mentally and physically ready for the trip. Unless you feel like traveling, it is better to avoid any sort of journey. Also, it is always better to have company while going on a long road trip. That way the journey is enjoyable and practically speaking, you might need a helping hand if things go wrong. Never travel long distances in your vehicle unless you have made sure of the following: If your vehicle has recently been through a comprehensive service check, you might not need to worry too much. In case it been more than six months since the last car-service, it will be worthwhile visiting the mechanic first. Apart from the car service, you should make sure that you perform these basic checks to ensure your vehicle is not missing anything. Check the level and condition of the engine oil. In case the level is not optimum, you should fill more engine oil before traveling. If the condition of the engine oil is not good or if it is mucky, make sure you replace all of the oil. In this case, it is again better to visit the mechanic first. The same checks are to be performed with other vehicle-fluids as well. The level of Brake Oil, the Transmission or Gear Oil and the Coolant or Antifreeze needs to be monitored and appropriately changed or filled if needed. In case of the Brake Fluid and the Coolant, make sure the reservoir is filled up to recommended levels. The air-pressure in the tires needs to be checked and don't forget to carry a fit spare tire, a toolbox and a car jack before setting off. Also, inspect the car battery and connections for any loose ends. Make sure your car battery in producing 12 volts of charge by connecting a normal Voltmeter to its two ends. Check all the hoses, pipes, seals in your vehicle and dont forget to inspect the drive belt of your car engine. In case the belt is dry, apply a drop of engine oil on it to keep it moist and prevent it from breaking. Make sure the windshield wipers of your vehicle are in working condition and there are no faulty headlights, turn signal lights or reversing lights. Also, don't forget to carry a first aid box with you before you embark on the road trip. It will also be handy to carry destination plans, a mobile phone, flashlight and a container. These days you can even carry a navigation device or GPS (Global Positioning System) device if your car is not equipped with one. Make sure you have adequate fuel in your vehicle at all times because you never know how far the next gas station could be. It is also advisable to carry along some non-perishable food items along with extra set of clothes and shoes. I also prefer to carry a matchbox, a pocket knife and my trusted baseball bat but then again, that is just me. At the end, don't forget to carry your favorite music along with you and a camera to make the memories worthwhile. Also, remember to be sober at all times and avoid driving in case you are under the influence of alcohol. James Rodham
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