Tips & Tricks - Hatchbacks and Small Cars

Hatchbacks and Small Cars -- The Way to Go!

Wikipedia defines Hatchback as 'a term designating an automobile design, containing a passenger cabin with an integrated cargo space, accessed from behind the vehicle by a single, top-hinged tailgate or large flip-up window. The vehicle commonly has two rows of seats, with the rear seat able to fold down to increase cargo space.' A fitting definition indeed! Even though a hatchback can be either small in size or bigger comparatively, these days it represents a term more synonymous with Small Cars. Hatchbacks are the prime constituents of the small-car or compact car segment and their popularity has soared to immeasurable heights over the past few years especially in the developing countries. A concept that had very few takers in the traditional western markets until a few years ago, hatchbacks have bounced back to give the more established segments a run for their money. These cute looking small cars are nowadays the bread and butter segment for most manufacturers in the Asian and European markets. Most modern small cars are surprisingly feature packed for their price and exquisitely styled to appeal to the targeted buyer. In countries like India, the small car market is fiercely competitive with new models being launched almost every quarter. So what makes these small cars such an exciting proposition? Small cars are perfectly suited to city driving. Their small size means easy maneuverability even in narrow lanes and heavy traffic. Most small car buyers are city dwellers and small hatchbacks are the perfect answer to their automotive needs. Also, driving a small car in busy cities means no more parking woes. Today automobile markets are flooded with stylish 5-door hatchbacks offering decent power and performance along with increased fuel efficiency. In this era of fuel crisis and frequent fuel price-hikes, small cars present themselves as the perfect buy. Most hatchbacks are competitively priced these days and offer more features at lesser prices. There is immense competition in this sector and manufacturers prefer aggressive pricing techniques to woo buyers. Hatchbacks are the easiest thing to drive on the road. Even in driving schools, hatchbacks are the first stage in driving lessons. A shorter turning radius coupled with a small frame make them quite a convenient drive. Small cars don't function on many heavy-duty moving parts. Over the years, this means less maintenance and repair costs. In fact, small cars are renowned the world over for their low cost of maintenance.



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